Workshops in 2019

In 2019 UMake develops a pilot series of 4 workshops in which researchers of UU, HKU and UMCU will collectively explore themes such as complexity, uncertainty and skill. These themes are important to the creative practices of makers (artists, designers) as well as for professionals in healthcare and education. Which are the processes of making in these different domains? And what and how can practitioners in these domains learn from each other? The workshops offer participants (invited researchers and PhD students from UU-HKU-UMCU) the opportunity to work together, with input of (international) guests and interaction with the public. The workshops are intended as breeding grounds for new collaborations across HKU-UU-UMCU and the development of a collective research projects.

1. Complexity
(Bart van Rosmalen, HKU, 15-16 May)

2. Art & Medicine: Skilling the Senses
(Sven Dupré, UU, 3-6 June, public lecture: 5 June)
Photo Impression

3. Uncertainty (Postponed)
(Nirav Christophe, HKU)

4. Art, Imagination and Learning in Mathematics (Postponed)
(Maaike Bleeker, UU)