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Report Workshop Art & Medicine: Skilling the Senses

From the third to the sixth of June Utrecht University and University Medical Centre Utrecht were home to the UMake-workshop Art and Medicine: Skilling the Senses, with special guest Roger Kneebone, Professor of Surgical Education and Engagement Science at Imperial College London. During the workshop, the participants from diverse backgrounds investigated the role of the…

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Workshop Art & Medicine: Skilling the Senses

By invitation only – if you are affiliated with UU, HKU or UMCU, either as student or staff, and would like to participate in this workshop, please contact Sven Dupré ( The aim of this workshop is to investigate the role of senses in the transmission of knowledge as well as to develop a pilot…

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Public lecture ‘The Art of Performing Science’ by Roger and Dusia Kneebone

In this session Roger and Dusia Kneebone draw on a body of work over several years in which we have brought expert clinicians, scientists, artists and performers together to explore the wordless ‘ways of doing’ which characterize their work. By demonstrating selected aspects of their work to one another, participants share understandings that elude verbal…

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